Fandango CD demo

Here's a sampler/appetiser, as you like, for the new CD 'Fandango', released 1st June 2011. Hope you enjoy it. We had a lot of fun amking it. Tomoko , as ever, was brilliant, what a pleasure to work with her. 

The repertoire is really interesting too, I hope you agree.


Here are some links to YouTube and VIMEO videos.
Whilst we are quite sure most of these live clips were made without the permission of the soloist (!) we accept that these clips are a way of life these days, and if you have the time..maybe take a look at a few. Enjoy!!
Please let us know of any new clips you find that we should add to the list. You can email us: or post them on the guest book on this site. Of special interest will be the series of educational videos Steve is adding to this long list of live performances.